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Our sole purpose is to help you achieve your trading goals by providing you with a Simple and Proven trading strategy that you can follow every day.

Failing to plan is planning to Fail - this quote has been attributed to many prominent people.  It is nearly impossible to tell who said it first, but it could not be more true!

Many aspiring traders (of all levels) ultimately fail because they either do not have a proven trading plan/strategy to follow or do not follow their plan to the letter.

With, we do the “heavy lifting” for you and implement our proven trading plan and trading strategy to generate potentially profitable (see our track record and results) trading signals.

By following our Trading recommendations, you can take the guesswork out of your trades and follow a professional trading method.

Our alerts have proven to be successful for over 3 years in live trading (and with over 10 years of back testing).  Developed by an institutional trader for a professional hedge fund and hedge fund traders, this system utilizes a method that delivers results.

JanBella Alerts has consistently delivered returns of over 15% per month with a Sharp Ratio of only 4.19%!!

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WOW! Long into the Fed and with 2 mins to go took a 4 pt gain then reversed short to ride 8.25 pts down. Absolutely killer P&L day!!


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